Monday, February 15, 2021

H.E.R Digatal Art Process

I was passionate about creating this particular picture because not only do I love the Artist, but her jacket was amazing. My daughter, who recently passed at 22 loved her music also.  Rarely does she take photos without the dark glasses. What a beauty and she’s the exact same age as my daughter would’ve been they were both born in 1997. Follow Robin Lewis Art 

The Movement “ Historical Changes During the pandemic”

This book was created for the younger generation. I wanted them to get a better understanding of some of the events that took place during the pandemic in 2020, as it pertained to the black community. Last year was a historical year and a lot changes took place. You can find these books as well as the ebook on Amazon under Robin Lewis. Thank you for all of the reviews and purchases.

Baby Azhuri ( Digital Art )

This beautiful baby was a commissioned piece for her 2nd Valentines Day surprise. Isn't she adorable.