Saturday, August 23, 2014

Painting Outside The Box

     These past few weeks I have really unleashed a different side . I'm normally an Artist who loves to challenge the portrait side of making a person look exactly the way they should, from my point of view but this small challenge has opened up a new door to another avenue in which I am embracing whole heartly. When I was introduced to the opportunity to paint live during the even at the Walton Gallery I didn't think twice about it .... I was all for it. The only live painting I had done recently was a few face painting events which involved mostly kids and my past experience painting sneakers and other footwear in a small area of my now closed retail store a few years ago. I had never actually stood painting with an easel and a few brushes in front of anyone really .... Except for my dogs and the few faces that were welcomed into my home studio, so this was awesome . Ive heard a few Artist say that they wouldn't really be comfortable . I didn't ask why, maybe some of it contributed to the medium they used because everyone doesn't paint for one or maybe the crowd and questions would be a real distraction. I can tell that my personal experience was great. I was the only female painting and I got to do it in heels (giggling ) hey that was cool . I admit that I wasted half of the paint on my pallet because I was interrupted often with questions and to pose for pictures, people simply found it fascinating and I savored in the moment. My display of sneakers for the Sneakers On A Wire event was awesome. It simply was a different me. I asks myself would I do it again ?? No question . Life is short I'm running with mine . Anything creative, adventurous and exciting I'm definitely in . 

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