Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sneakers In A Box

      The past few weeks I have been working on these new paintings from my " Sneakers In A Box Collection" and I have to say it has definitely been different . The overall response that I have gotten has been great. People actually thought I was signing a shoe when I first showed the progression photos but I decided today to show a few pictures from the beginning process. I'm usually more focused on portraits but since I've embraced this new creative avenue, I'm actually a bit excited . 
I'm not one that owns a large collection of sneakers but I can definitely respect it. " It's nothing like putting on a fresh pair of kicks", this one guy expressed to me,  its nice just to see them in the box .... Even If I'm not ready to wear them at all. When he saw this picture he was amazed and I felt like I had accomplished a lot of what I was aiming for . . . . something different.  I have to also thank Shawn Hewitt , Shawns pictures alone was the reason I decided on this painting to begin with . I have decided to build from here and just venture out, after all there are no rules when you are an Artist
 This picture in the Sneakers In A Box Collection is called " Fresh Kicks Nike" its acrylic on canvas, measuring 18x24. Prints will be available late September 2014 . 
       Some people may say why sneakers but if you have seen some of my past work then this picture should come as no surprise . I have been hand painting on sneakers and other footwear for many years. I admit painting on canvas was totally different but it still allowed me to be creative in another way . I just went from one lane to another and I can switch between lanes whenever I'm in the mood . I consider myself blessed because not only am I diversed and think way out of the box I can create multiple different things many ways . That in itself sets me apart from a lot of people and I don't take it for granted . I have made a commitment to myself just recently, to stay focused and to never lose sight of my dreams because this is my life . Aside from everything else this is what I wake up for every single day. 
Earlier designs per customer request .

Custom Glitter Kicks and Custom glow in the dark Hulks per customer request

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