Friday, January 2, 2015

A work in progress

. My studio has been cluttered with large pieces of canvas for quite some time , so I decided to start on a few paintings one day prior to the new year . I vow to have them finished in just a few days. I hadnt painted much the past few momths so I finally had to ask myself what was I waiting for . When I decided to paint I just grabbed a few ideas and went for it. This year I plan to paint my heart away , I'm painting until I run out of canvas . Here is some work in progress . This is A painting of Jimi Hendrix 36x48 Acrylic on Canvas . I love the results so far .

I used a #5 drawing pencil then outlined a few areas with a thin marker 

I decides to start adding layers after I was sure of the shading

usually start on the face and eyes because those are the most important parts of a portrait to me. 
The background just happened . It was a mixture of yellow, green and white. Some more shading and blending with water soften everything a little .

More progression 

I started with the hair prior to finishing up the face ....I didn't want to risk having to rework certain ares due to mistakes . And this is where I am 
to be continues ....

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