Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When I decided to sketch this picture of Derek Jeter, my intentions were just to practice some other drawing forms. I usually dont do to many sports figures but he has always sparked my interest. I can actually say that I can't recall any sports figures or legends that had taken interest in so much. The glow the whole idea of being in the position to take the game with his next hit just made me excited. I started this drawing with the grid technique . Drawing even squares on my 18x24 pressed paper with a 9h drawing pencil, leaving an inch off of the edges on each side and I measured and created the same even squares on my photo. I hadn't used this technique in awhile but Im glad I did for this picture . I used black electrical tape to pin my paper down onto a larger sheet of project paper. Painters tape or electrical tape is inexpensive, reusable and peels away easily. 
I started immediately with my sketch after applying my grid, with the outside then the face specifics . This process is crutial for lining up everything . I applied a small amount of pressure during this process because I knew later I would be erasing all the lines so the lighter the better. 

 2. Light Grid and Shading 

 Some light shading with my 9h pencil assisted me with my progress . 9h is the lightest pencil in my collection and it does wonders for light shading . I would recommend using the same pencil for shading as drawing the grid lines. I shaded the skin to completely and erased to create some high lights. It's really important to shade the skin with the lightest pencil because it basically sets the tone for all the other shades in your picture. You can always go darker but it's nearly impossible to go from the darkest shade to an extremely light shade. 

3.Shading with the lightest pencil possible 9h

I proceeded after the light shading with my 9h pencil to shade in this order 9h 7h 5h 2h hb 2b 4b 6b 8b 9b, 9b is the darkest in my set . I actually used a charcoal pencil after that. I over lapped and applied moderate amounts of pressure in some areas to create dept and shadows. The picture was a good reference but you have to be looking at both when you are focusing on small details . The small details is what gives your picture a realistic effect, That's what I'm going for. 
4. Progressed shading to bring my picture to life .

As I progressed small details took a lot of time. I actually spent 2 hrs on the hand and glove. Taking a break from a picture is recommended because sometimes you'll need it. I've lost myself in a drawing or painting a few times and couldn't see what I was doing at all. Fortunately I was blessed not to have had that experience with this one. 
5. Shading with a shading nub and using a sheet of paper to avoid smears 

This is the finished results and I was completely satisfied. I think the grid techniques is awesome. It's a great way to line everything up . I never cared bery much for erasing but overall I definitely plan to use this technique again. He is definitely ready for a fast ball .

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